Obituary Writing Services

For placing an orbituary in Singapore, family members or colleagues would usually have to make their way to Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) personally with the relevant documents. This can be time-consuming as there are also other co-ordination work to be done for the funeral. We understand this and are here to handle all you obituary needs on your behalf, at no extra costs and with peace of mind. is affiliated with a a local SPH Accredited Advertising Agency specializing in both English and Chinese obituary publications in Straits Times, Lian He Zao Bao and Shin Ming Daily News publishing over 10,000 obituaries to date.

Why advertise with us?

SPH-published rates

No artwork cost

No transmission cost

Free photo touch-up

Proof read before actual publication

24-hour service

We provide the following services:-




In Memorandums/ Memoriam

Death/ Funeral Notices & Announcements

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