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Eternity Funeral Service
Eternity Funeral Service

Eternity Funeral Service

31 Woodlands Close
#03-09 Woodlands Horizon
Singapore 737855

Funeral Services

Eternity Funeral Service will take good care of the deceased and your family

The way Eternity structures its funeral services ensures the utmost care for the deceased and their family. We deal with:

  • Preparation before death, with our funeral pre-planning services.
  • Funeral set-up coordination, including hearse and funeral cars and casket services.
  • Installation of ancestral tablet in a 49-day custody service ancestral tablet hall.
  • Post-funeral prayers at our ancestral tablet hall.
  • Transport of ancestral tablet to permanent resting place.
  • Organisation of post-funeral Buddhist and Taoist memorial services, including arranging for appropriate temple.

While cremation is commonplace in Singapore because of land shortage, we can also arrange burials.

Our standards and values

Eternity Funeral Service’s professional standards are based on our core values of respect, integrity and reliability, underlined by our efforts to:

  • Ensure dignity for the deceased and compassion for the bereaved.
  • Give the family a quality, value-driven service.
  • Help the bereaved in any way we can.

Contact us now.

  • Funeral services
  • Sea burial ceremony
  • 49-day post-funeral services
  • 100th-day funeral ceremony
  • Gong Teck ceremony
  • Ancestral tablet prayers
  • Prayers at columbarium
  • Memorial services
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Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday: 24-hour

Contact Details
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6681 5757
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