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Not a day goes by in Singapore that Instagram is not flooded with photos of flowers and blossoms that are understated and impressive. The love for flowers is timeless and has never waned, though tastes have changed. Today roses by the dozen and baby’s breath are not the only options for someone who wants to buy his loved one a bouquet. With some inspired local women like Wendy at the forefront, floral design is seeing a new surge of creativity that is immensely photogenic and Instagram-friendly. Many of these entrepreneurs have switched over from more lucrative or traditional careers, and followed their passion to develop their fragrant skills.

The world of banking and finance may not be entirely cut and dried, but you’ll rarely find flowers in it. Maybe on special occasions someone sends a banker a bouquet for her office desk. For a while, the gift from a client, friend or secret admirer brightens up the office with the glory of seasonal blooms.

Wendy worked in this world of banking and finance for years before she became an entrepreneur. And she always had a love for flowers. As a child, she would press flowers she’d picked up between pages of newspapers and books. Though she was good at her well-paying job in the lucrative business and finance market, her passion for flowers remained with her and went on to transform her career. In October 2017, she would go on to found Floristique Singapore at the Katong Shopping Centre.

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