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Passion Bereavement Care
Passion Bereavement Care

Passion Bereavement Care

3 Gul Street 1
Level 2
Singapore 629316

Funeral Services

Our founder and director, Deborah Kang, experienced a calling from God to serve in this industry shortly after helping an elderly lady with her funeral rites. This gave her great satisfaction, which lead her to set up this business.

While attending a church service one day, Deborah was bestowed with a vision of a child running to the Father hugging Him tightly and crying emotionally saying “Papa! Papa!, I am back”. The vision that Deborah saw would be related to the story found in Luke 15:11-32.

It inspired Deborah and her team to remain committed to this vision where every single person regardless of their circumstances in life can be pleasingly prepared and adorned when meeting our Lord.

Every single family that has lost their loved ones can rejoice in the knowledge that their loved ones have been granted eternal life through returning to our Lord’s side.

  • Pre-Planning
  • Funeral Packages
  • Live Stream
  • Sea Burial
  • Land Burial
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Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday: 24 hours

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9450 3710
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