In loving memory of
Ang Kian Ho Peter

Ang Kian Ho Peter

Departed 2022, at 69 years old

called home on 25 September 2022.


Was called home to be with the Lord on 25 September 2022.

Dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones.

Family Members


Seah Mui Ying


Son & Daughter-in-law

Ang Swee Beng Kenny & Annabel Seetoh


Siblings & In-laws

Paul Ang (deceased) & Christine Syn

Teresa Ang & Lim Jiew Hin

John Ang & Patricia Phua

Stephen Ang & Janet Phang

Mary Ang (deceased)

James Ang (deceased)


And all relatives and friends. 

Wake & Funeral



108 Woodlands Street 13
Singapore 730108


September 26, 2022


September 29, 2022

Wake Details


Cortège leaves at

September 29, 2022, 11:15 am

Cortège ends at


108 Woodlands Street 13
Singapore 730108


Mandai Crematorium
Hall 3

Funeral Details

Cortege leaves on Thursday 29 September 2022 at 11.15am for Funeral Mass at Church of St Anthony, 25 Woodlands Avenue 1, Singapore 739064 at 11.30am, thereafter to Mandai Crematorium Hall 3 for cremation at 1.00pm.

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