In loving memory of
Chek Kok Leong

Chek Kok Leong

Departed 2022, at 94 years old

passed away on 26 September 2022.


Passed away peacefully on 26 September 2022

Dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones.

Family Members


Choo Lye Wah (deceased)


Son & Daughter-in-Law

Chek Kin Hoe & Ting Siew Chong


Daughters & Sons-in-Law

Cynthia Chek Sow Mui & John Goh Nai Hake

Iris Chek Sow Fong

Jaime Chek Sow Wan & Kelvin Lim


Grandchildren & Grandchildren-in-Law

Nicholas Chek Hong Keat

Joshua Wu Yong An & Yochi Chang

Charlotte Wu Pei Ming

Eugene Tan Lian Ho

Royston Lim Chun Kiat & Olivia Koh Bi Zhi

Kingston Lim Chun Kai


Great Grandchildren

Riley Lim Jia Ying

Jexton Wu Yi Kai


And all relatives and friends.

Wake & Funeral



Blk 47 Owen Road
Singapore 210047


September 27, 2022


September 30, 2022

Wake Details


Cortège leaves at

September 30, 2022, 2:00 pm

Cortège ends at

September 30, 2022, 3:00 pm


Blk 47 Owen Road
Singapore 210047


Mandai Crematorium
Hall 2

Funeral Details

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