In loving memory of
Mdm Yong Wan Tee

Mdm Yong Wan Tee

Departed 2022, at 92 years old

passed away peacefully on 21 July 2022.


Dearly missed and fondly remembered by loved ones.

Family Members

Children & Daughters-in-law

Richard Teo

Irene Teo

Louis Teo & Julie Huan

Arthur Teo & Phyllis Lee

Avon Teo


Grandchildren & Granddaughters-in-law

Serena Teo

Donovan Teo & Brenda Low

Ivan Teo & Alicia Bok

Kellie Teo

Conan Teo

Melissa Teo

Lester Teo

Leon Teo



Isaac Teo

Alexander Teo


And all relatives & friends.

Wake & Funeral



Blk 366A Clementi Ave 2
(Multi-purpose Hall)
Singapore 121366


July 22, 2022


July 25, 2022

Wake Details

SGS Memorial Service will be held on 24 July 2022 (Sun) at 8pm.


Cortège leaves at

July 25, 2022, 1:20 pm

Cortège ends at

July 25, 2022, 2:20 pm


Blk 366A Clementi Ave 2
(Multi-purpose Hall)
Singapore 121366


Mandai Crematorium
Hall 3

Funeral Details

Funeral service will be held on 25 July 2022 (Mon) at 12.50pm, thereafter cortege leaves at 1.20pm for Mandai Crematorium Hall 3 for cremation at 2.20pm.

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